Interior Design

Interior Design Max Space Design is a full service design company.   We pride ourselves in providing the most beautiful, artistic yet practical home environments that are unique to each client’s personality and needs. We provide guidance through the entire design process whether you are simply purchasing furniture or completely gutting and remodeling an entire property. We help make a clear path to your envisioned goal, saving you time by providing appropriate product selections and master plans that fit your goals. How it works We begin the design process by having an initial meeting with you
Properly planned lighting can transform a room from dark and drab to bright and beautiful. Gone are the days when lighting was a purely functional decision. With the vast selection of designs available today, lighting has become a key part of the overall design scheme. The correct light fixture can add personality to a space and pull the entire room together.  At Max Space Design, we bring you some of the most popular trends in lighting. We hope this will inspire you as you consider your lighting choices for your next renovation or redesign project. Please call for a free lighting consultation
INTERIOR DESIGN- MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE Book a furniture tour to all our furniture wholesale showroom in South Florida and abroad. We carry the most popular brands from all over the world.Weather you are looking for top of the line leather, fabric, wood veneers, acrilic, you have come to the right place. Modern, traditional, transitional styles to fit your style. Our Program is equal to none direct wholesale prices. Call for more details 954-701-3348.<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
 We want to make it easy for you to have a great space. One that fits your particular business, personality and culture. We will work with you to tailor a plan unique to your space weather you are doing a renovation, new construction or addition .We follow the latest trends in the industry including sustainable design and energy efficiency products.Please keep us in might and call  for a free consultation today. We will manage your project from beginning to end so you can relax and enjoy the process of the transformation of your project. Please call us for a free quote. Broward 954-701-3348, D